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A Review of Mediabistro Classes

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Mediabistro.com offers a number of multi-week courses and single day seminars on everything from copyediting to travel writing. The course offerings are fairly deep and the classes -- which are currently taught in four major cities as well as online -- can be great for career changers, job seekers or those looking to jumpstart a freelance career.

The Magazine Courses

Mediabistro is arguably best known for its magazine courses. It has very deep offerings in this field, with multi-week courses on various genres of magazine writing from food writing to travel writing to writing for women's magazines.

Although these multi-week courses can be pricey, at upwards of $500, they're in-depth and the instructors -- often working freelance writers or editors -- are often great contacts to have as well as strong teachers. The magazine courses are highly recommended for anyone interested in magazine journalism, especially for those looking to branch out in a specific subset of magazine writing.

Seminars and Workshops

If you want to invest less time and money into a class, Mediabistro's seminars and workshops are a good option. Since these classes are shorter -- either a few hours or a full day -- and cheaper, they're a good way to dip your toe into the water before signing up for a class. If there's a subject taught in one of the multi-week courses that interests you, you might want to attend a seminar on the topic first. The seminars are also valuable if you simply want to brush up on skills you already have.

Panel Discussions

Mediabistro also occasionally hosts panel discussions. These events are best to meet fellow members of the industry and learn more about a topic that interests you. Ideal for networking and expanding your knowledge of the media business.
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