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Perfecting Your Resume

Your resume is the first thing an employer sees, so it needs to be perfect. Not only does your resume need to sell you, it also needs to look presentable and, most importantly, be error-free.

Media Careers Spotlight10


A profile of the publishing house, Macmillan.


The Hearst Corporation, a media conglomerate founded by William Randolph Hearst, is home to a number of high profile monthly magazines, including O, The Oprah Magazine and Esquire.

Condé Nast

A profile of Condé Nast, Si Newhouse's magazine empire, which includes such titles as Vanity Fair and Vogue.

What Is a Pitch?

A pitch is the description of a potential story that a writer sends to an editor in order to land an assignment.

Magazine Writer

Full-time magazine writers, whether they go into an office or work as full-time freelancer, have some of the most coveted jobs in journalism.

Chicago Media

Chicago is home to two major daily newspaper, myriad radio and TV stations and Oprah's media empire. And the Chicago media scene is one of the biggest, after New York and Los Angeles, in the country.

Informational Interviews

An informational interview, while not as great as an actual interview, can be a great way to get yourself noticed for a future job.

Magazine Publishing Jobs

If you love magazines, a career in magazine publishing might be ideal for you. Editors, writers, photographers and many others bring a magazine together and the exciting world of magazine publishing can be a glamorous field to work in for creative people with a passion for print.

Web Producer

Web producers straddle the line between content editors and designers, helping ensure a website is sticky.

Journalism Fellowships

Journalism fellowships, while difficult to land, can provide students and working journalists with unique opportunities to explore their writing or develop a business concept.

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