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Should I Use a Media Headhunter?


What is a Media Headhunter?

Headhunters, as you might know, are people who help place employees at companies. A headhunter is, essentially, someone who works in human resources as a kind of free agent, finding people out in the workforce to fill certain positions. Media headhunters specialize in placing people in jobs in the media industry.

How Can I Find a Media Headhunter?

A media headhunter might find you but, more likely, you’ll need to seek one out. (If you’re more established in your media career the chances are greater that a media headhunter might seek you out for a senior level executive position.) But, if you’re just starting out, you search online for media headhunters and post your resume on sites like RecruiterNetwork.com, which cater to headhunters.

You’ll probably want to work with someone who’s local, so you can meet the headhunter in person, but you might be able to work with someone remotely. Generally you want to find a media headhunter who has positions that appeal to you in the city or region you’d like to be working in. (Often headhunters work with local employers, so keep that in mind.)

The other way a media headhunter might find you is from an application you sent in response to an ad for a job. Occasionally companies will only hire through a headhunter, so you might wind up meeting with a headhunter by chance, before you meet with your potential employer.

What Can a Media Headhunter Do For Me?

Similar to a media careers counselor, a media headhunter can offer you advice on your job search and give you tips about your resume. But, unlike a career counselor -- who’s trained to help you figure out what you want to do -- a media headhunter can actually locate jobs for you. The value of working with a media headhunter is that you’ll have an additional person looking for a job for you, at no cost.

How Should I Prepare For My First Meeting?

You should treat your first meeting with a media headhunter as a job interview. While your meeting will be a bit more lax, you’ll want to present yourself professionally, i.e. dress the part, and be prepared to answer the kind of questions you might be asked on a job interview.

You want to impress headhunters because their reputations are based on the quality of the applicants they send to their clients. The more you impress media headhunters, the better your chances are of being recommended for the positions they’re looking to fill.

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