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There are a number of jobs you can have in the world of book publishing. If you love books, and you're interested in working in book publishing, check out this list to see which career is the best fit for you.

1. Book Editors

Proofreader at work, working in a novel and using professional proofreader signs.
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Books editors are in the business of finding literary talent and then working with those writers to publish their books. Not only do book editors find work to publish, but they also edit a writer's work, helping to mold it into the final product that hits the shelves.

If you're passionate about reading, and you're a strong writer with a great eye for good storytelling, a career as a book editor might be right for you.

2. Copy Editors


Copy editors work in various fields of media -- for newspapers, magazines and websites. In book publishing copy editors work with editors and make sure authors' manuscripts are clear of grammatical errors. While many copy editors work full-time, this career is also ideal for those looking for part-time work as many companies hire copy editors on an "as needed" basis.

3. Literary Agents


Literary agents are in the business of finding literary talent, like book editors, only earlier in the process. Literary agents find promising authors, sell their books to book editors, and then take a cut of the proceeds. A sense of how to sell and package a writer -- along with a sense of what kind of books will sell in the marketplace -- is key to success in this career.

4. Literary Scouts


Someone who works in the business once told me the job of a literary scout is one of the best-kept secrets in publishing. Scouts find books -- for foreign publishers or film studios -- to be published abroad or to be adapted to the screen. In other words, if you love to read, this might be an ideal position for you.

5. Publicist


Publicists can also work in various media fields, as well as in the corporate world. Working in book publishing, a publicist usually works for a publishing house and tries to get press attention for the books and authors that house publishes. If you're interested in publicity, and you love books, being a publicist at a publishing house is a logical fit.

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