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What Is a Pitch?


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Definition: A pitch is a writer's description of a potential story to an editor. A pitch can be delivered verbally -- if you're on staff pitching to your editor -- or sent via email.

So what does a pitch entail? A pitch lays out why a story matters. A pitch essentially makes the case for doing a certain story at a certain point in time. And a good pitch letter should quickly and succinctly do a few things -- introduce the author, summarize the story the author wants to write and explain why that story matters. A good pitch should also make the case for why its author is the best person to write that story.

A good pitch is the key to landing an assignment. For more on the art of pitching, check out Mediabistro's "How to Pitch" series.

Even though the editor had never worked with this particular writer, he loved her pitch, so he gave her the assignment.
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