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The Perils of Plagiarism

By August 7, 2008

I've talked about how ethics are important in job hunting but, the bottom line is, they're important in your work life, as well. You need to to maintain an ethical code on the job (or during an internship). You never want to be dishonest, to your boss or with your work itself. And, in the journalism world, you never, ever want to plagiarize. This should go without saying, but, it seems, plagiarism cases continue to flare up. Outside of cases like Stephen Glass' which made major headlines -- and was even turned into a movie -- smaller instances continue to happen.

A stir was called in the media world this week when Slate music writer Jody Rosen wrote about a small alt weekly in Texas, called The Bulletin, which had wholesale ripped off her stories as well as a number of other reporters. The buzz rose in part because, after Rosen's story ran, The Bulletin pulled its website down.

In short, crime -- in this case word theft -- doesn't pay. It's important to remember this throughout any job search and the entirety of your career.

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